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Mina Burden

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Mina Burden, a devoted dance teacher hailing from Worcester, England, has been captivated by the world of Dance and Theatre since the tender age of 2.5. Her illustrious journey led her to achieve advanced RAD and ISTD Ballet, modern, and Tap certifications, along with a successful run in local competitions and coveted performances at the All England Finals.

Following her passion, Mina honed her skills at the Centre Performing Arts, discovering her penchant for teaching. She extended her expertise by pursuing ISTD ballet and modern teacher training at Teachers Training College in Kingston Upon Thames, England, between 2002 and 2006.

Mina’s teaching prowess extends across diverse age groups, spanning from 2.5-year-olds to adults, in a spectrum of dance styles, including Ballet, Modern, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, and Musical Theatre.

In 2007, Mina established her own dance school in Twickenham, England. Her classes ranged in size and content, encompassing ISTD and RAD syllabus classes, free classes, and private lessons. Her students excelled in examinations, and her choreography wowed audiences in local competitions and shows.

Mina’s unwavering dedication to the art of dance, coupled with her extensive experience as a teacher and administrator, positions her as a prominent figure in the realm of dance education. Her students benefit not only from her technical expertise but also from her creative teaching methods, leaving an enduring imprint on those fortunate enough to be under her tutelage.


0423 853 758

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