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Kristy Ellis

Specialises in:


Kristy Ellis is involved in producing and managing large events and performing contracts. She has choreographed and directed many dance / musical theatre productions as well as regularly casting, producing and choreographing for live national television productions and talent contract. Kristy enjoys designing costumes and conceptualizing and creating works in all aspects of performing arts.

Having previously founded and managed a successful multi-location studio, Kristy has extensive experience and training in all genres as a teacher, choreographer and company director with full qualifications in RAD and CSTD and has coached performers and fostered the talents of many who have entered the professional industry. Currently Kristy has no studio affiliations and enjoys travelling to adjudicate all genres.

Most recently, Kristy is managing a number of live and commercial national productions and events with a range of Australian artists. She is passionate about encouraging young aspiring performers in their love of the performing.

Kristy Ellis


0402 528 122

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