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Sarah Bond

Specialises in:


Sarah has been involved in dance and dance teaching for nearly 20 years.

She grew up in a small country town in Southwest Victoria, which is where her dance career began. She was taught in the styles of hip hop, jazz, tap, ballet, contemporary, neo-classical, lyrical, broadway, commercial and musical theatre. She completed every style of her examinations through B.A.L (Ballet Australasia Limited) then moved to Melbourne for a short time to pursue a full-time dance career at Patrick Studios Australia before moving to the Queensland College of Dance.

After completing her Diploma in Dance, Sarah wanted to pursue a pathway of teaching and adjudicating which led her to study and complete her Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management through B.A.L and a diploma in primary education at the University of the Sunshine Coast. As a member of Ballet Australasia Limited and Australian Dance Adjudicators, Sarah continues to develop her skills and knowledge for both herself and the dance community.

As a free-lance teacher, Sarah has taught dance at schools around the country and continues to create a fun, friendly and knowledgeable environment everywhere she goes.

Her determination, education, knowledge, and love for dance has brought much success and great results in both herself and her students’ competitions, exams and choreographic pieces. She wishes to bring her experience and knowledge of a wide range of dance genres into her adjudicating career through honest, helpful and constructive feedback in a friendly and encouraging manner.

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