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Julie England

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Julie England is the owner of the Les Griffith Tap Dance Academy Examination Syllabus, (the Syllabus which produced Dein Perry and a large number of the Tap Dogs, and Steel City Dancers) in partnership with another Newcastle Dance Teacher. She is also an Examiner of this Syllabus and a foundation member, Vice-President and Life Member of the Australian Dance Adjudicator’s Association.

Julie is the proprietor of the England Purton Dance Academy in Newcastle,  where students are taught, along with her daughter Simone Towers (England) L.G.T.D.A Tap, R.A.D. Classical, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical  & Acrobatics. We also have Hip Hop & Cheer-leading Classes.

She has been adjudicating Eisteddfods for more than thirty years throughout Australia and has been asked to return on numerous occasions. Students have competed successfully throughout Australia, New Zealand and U.S.A.  They have also performed at Universal Studios, San Diego Zoo and Sea-world, Ala Moana Shopping Centre, Hawaii, Gold Coast Theme Parks, Australia’s Wonderland and of course Disneyland, U.S.A & Hong Kong, with their latest venture a trip to Dubai, Paris & London for performances & classes.

Julie considers herself very fortunate to work in such an enjoyable occupation, as a teacher, examiner and adjudicator, feeling it is very important to assist and encourage students at all stages of their dance development.

Julie England


0418 168 907

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